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- Business Development -
We offer you the following solution packages from the area Business Development:

Designation:Package Basel II
Target group:Small and medium-sized enterprises
Task:The significance of Basel II, which is the new directive governing equity capital and which will probably come into effect in 2006, will be presented to you in form of an information workshop. Afterward, we do an analysis of the present situation of your company information and furthermore, a comparison between available and necessary information. Closing, we offer you proposals on actions to be taken in this matter.

Extent: 5 counselling days
Target:You will receive a study about additionally required information and the steps you have to undertake with reference to Basel II.
Cost*:Euro 3.125,-

Designation:Package Corporate Identity
Target group:Small and medium-sized enterprises
Task:The concept of corporate identity is often underestimated, although is has, incontrovertibly, many positive effects at relatively low costs.
We inform you about the concept and describe the possible effects on your company. Afterwards, we determine which partial aspects are already in use by you, what their attributes are and compare them with the target concept. The work will be finalised with a list of required actions, in order to establish the concept.

Extent: 6 counselling days
Target:You will receive proposals for direct improvements and you will be informed about the connections between individual factors. Furthermore, the analysis provides you with a catalogue of measures, showing you the possibilities of realising the concept in your company.
Cost*:Euro 3.750,-

Designation:Package Enterprise Planning
Target group:Small and medium-sized enterprises
Prerequisite:Available calculations of planning
Task:Enterprise planning gains importance in times of limited financial resources and increasing competition. We inform you about the current situation and the importance of planning in medium-size companies, check out your existing planning, as well as all available information.
We inspect the processes of preparation and application of the enterprise planning and, in consultation with you, go on to determine which information, planning and measures are necessary in your situation.

Extent: 6,5 counselling days
Target:You will receive a status quo analysis of the available data, the determination of required planning and a list of necessary measures for the realisation.
Cost*:Euro 4.062,50

Designation:Package Concept of Remediation
Target group:Small and medium-sized enterprises
Prerequisite:Available information about the company
Task:On the basis of existing information such as balances, profit and loss accounts and market data we generate an overview about your company. In cooperation with you changes at your existing strategies and business orientation are made, in order to provide a concept, in which your strengths are used in an optimal way and your weaknesses are eliminated.
Optional we accompany you to negotiations.

Extent: 10 counselling days
Target:You will receive a complete concept that strengthen your position in relation to external groups of interests such as banks, customers or suppliers.
Cost*:Euro 6.250,-

*: All offers are without obligation and the prices do not include value added tax nor expenses.

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Further solutions of our performance area Business Development will be personally discussed on request.