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"Consulting is expensive and incalculable? But not with our solution packages!"

We have a range of solution packages, which we offer at a fixed price. These packages analyse pre-defined problems with a clear target. In this way you become acquainted on specific topics and you get informed about the advantages of a concept, and the needs of your company.

We offer the following solution packages which refer to several aspects of our performance areas: We provide the information you need to qualify for subsidies in Germany, which help to partly cover our fees.
Depending on your company's location, subsidies from the German government (e.g. the "BMWi-Beratungsförderung" with up to 50 % or up to 1.500 Euro) or the federal states are possible. The latter are usually higher (e.g. the "niedersächsische BONUS-Programm" with up to 75 % and up to 7.500 Euro).